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We are a group of creatives and professionals with many years of experience in the field of fashion and communication. We work in synergy by offering the customer an all-round vision of the project and integrating existing business functions with specific outsourced skills. Our specializations range from the stylistic to the graphic area to that of communication / pr / events.

Our strengths

We help our customers adopt the right strategy as to always be up-to-date or even ahead of the market thanks to the analysis of emerging trends.

We detect and interpret trends, socio-cultural movements that define new creative directions, new lifestyles and the expectations of end customers.

We create synergies between marketing and design, in order to propose strategic tools for the creation of new products or new collections.

You will have a successful product from scratch.

We support our customers in defining the best strategy in order to create products that have a place on the market thanks to our studies on trends and collaboration with marketing, social media management and communication experts to create successful speed to market products.





Beauty & Fragrances





Style Support


Trend Study

 Information on the state of the art, on factors influencing culture and society and assessments on how consumer tastes will evolve and consequently the development of the product by companies


Cool Hunting

Thanks to the study of market trends, we provide support for the choice of product strategies and for the development of clothing and accessories collections.


Product Development

We take care of the development and production of new products for the fashion and beauty sector, taking care of design, prototyping, supplier research and coordination of the production phases.



We analyze the market and its players by identifying brand positioning and possible niches by identifying new product concepts to be included in existing production lines

We create

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